Meet Our Team

Get to know the Abilene staff!

Dr. Josh Lancaster

Executive Pastor

Leslie Adams

Education & Membership Ministry Assistant

Christy Ball

Worship & Communications Ministry Assistant

Ryan Beckworth

Communications Director

Patricia Bensema

Executive Assistant, Office of the Pastor

John Blair

Worship Pastor

Ginger Custer

Preschool Ministry & Special Events Director

Nick DeShong

Middle School Ministry Director

Robin Gennarelli

ABC Weekday Director

Nancy Granade

Financial Secretary

Charlyn Green

Church Receptionist

Roger Henderson

Missions Pastor

Gayle Hooper

Support Services Director

Jonathan Hoyle

Associate Worship Pastor

Jessie Huffman

Women's Ministry Director

Ellis Ivey

Associate Worship Pastor

Annie jones

Girl's Ministry Director


Student Ministry Assistant


Children's Ministry Associate

Barbara Outley

CLC Director

Brooke Reese

Administrative Assistant, Support Services

Janet Rhoades

Church Receptionist

Dr. John Sansom

Discipleship & Family Pastor

Lorinda Sapp

Children's Ministry Director

John Stevens

Student Pastor, West Campus

Pam Swann

ABC Weekday Assistant Director

Pat Woodworth

Facilities Director