Student Leadership Team

What would it look like if a group of students came together to be intentional about reaching their generation while becoming leaders of the student ministry? That’s what the Student Leadership Team is all about! If you have a passion for ministry, developing your leadership skills and your unique spiritual gifts, and growing your relationship with Christ, we want to talk with you! Our desire is to see YOU live out the mission and calling that’s been placed on your life NOW. Diligently PRAY for the Holy Spirit to guide your heart to see if the Student Leadership Team is for you.


What a Student Leadership Team IS:

  • A select group of servant-leaders committed to training, developing, and equipping themselves to make a spiritual impact for Christ on their generation.
  • Critical to leading and shaping all aspects of Student Ministry on a weekly basis by taking complete ownership for the glory of God.
  • An act of worship by students to maintain a teachable spirit and grow their spiritual maturity while continually cultivating their leadership skills.
  • A commitment for a minimum of 1 year, which includes monthly meetings and weekly check-ins.


What a Student Leadership Team IS NOT:

  • A popularity contest—this is ultimately not about you; it’s about Him.
  • Full of perfect people.
  • Satisfied with apathy.
  • Membership just for the sake of scholarships and applications.


Areas of responsibilities include:

  • Organizing, serving, and meeting the spiritual needs of students on Wednesday nights
  • Driving student discipleship through Sunday School attendance.
  • Accurately representing Christ and the Student Ministry in all areas of your life.
  • Influencing and providing input in areas including missions, events, trips, and reaching out to the lost on campus.
  • Much, MUCH more



Application -> Interview -> Selection -> Orientation -> Deployment -> Development

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Student Leadership Team Covenant

If I’m accepted to our Student Leadership Team, I commit to:

  • Making our Leadership Team a priority in my life.
  • Attending 80% of the monthly Leadership Team Meetings from September— May. (Except December)
  • Attending 60% of our regular youth ministry activities (Sunday & Wednesday nights) each month (with exceptions being December, June, and July).
  • Faithfully attending Sunday worship and my Sunday School class.
  • Working with the Student Ministry Staff staff to fulfill my specific role on the Leadership Team.
  • Taking risks—even if I fail. Trying new things.
  • Looking for opportunities to serve (both inside & outside of our Student Ministry).
  • Looking out for loners and visitors—even if it means sacrificing time with my own friends.
  • Being flexible and encouraging.
  • Consistently demonstrating a positive attitude.
  • Considering the needs of the whole community above my own.
  • Being an ambassador of Abilene Student Ministry. Speaking highly of our Student Ministry, as well as Abilene Student Ministry staff, adult leaders, and other students.
  • Dealing with conflict directly and immediately as outlined in scripture, with the people involved.
  • Taking steps to grow spiritually—individually and in community with one another.