Single Adults

The Single Adult Ministry here at Abilene Baptist Church has one purpose, to call every single adult to a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ during one of the most uncertain times of their lives. Abilene strives to minister to the diverse needs and age groups found in the single adult population by assisting and encouraging single adults to answer God’s call for a holy and separated life, totally committed to obedience to our Lord and Saviour on a daily basis through a variety of activities.

From individual Winter Retreats, Rafting Trips, and conferences for our Division #1 (ages 18 – 23) and Division #2 (ages 24 & up) to weekly Bible Study classes, Abilene seeks to meet each individual single adult’s need for spiritual growth as well as good, clean fun and fellowship. Each month every single adult is encouraged to attend our Single Adult Assembly which occurs every second Sunday of the month at 9:30am as well as our Single’s Restaurant Club immediately following the morning worship service for that day. This allows them the opportunity to meet, encourage, and minister to a variety of other single adults.

Single adults are kept up-to-date of all the upcoming activities in the Single Adult department through the use of two very important calendars: our bi-monthly Single Adult Calendar and our annual Yearly Calendar.

Facilitating spiritual growth is the primary focus of our single adult ministry here at Abilene. No “fluff & stuff” with every activity having it’s own purpose. Single Adults are also encouraged to take an active role in the worship at Abilene. From the Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra to the Children’s Choir program, single adults play an extremely important part in these ministries and their participation always seems to make them just a little more determined to “run the race” each day.