One of the most frequently asked questions of our guests is “How do you join the Baptist Church?” We have listed several different ways someone joins this body of Believers known as Abilene Baptist Church. You may want to keep this information with you as the Lord directs your decision on where to worship and serve Him! If you have any questions, we would love the opportunity to share with you further.

Church Membership

Never Belonged To Any Church?

A New Testament Church is made up of believers in Jesus Christ only. Thus, you must first of all believe in Christ as your Savior (Acts 16:13). To believe in Christ is to ask for forgiveness for your sins, and commit yourself to Him and His way.

Do not wait for some outward demonstration of God’s presence. You should not delay until you “feel” like you are saved. We have the promise of God that if we trust His Son He will save us.

You can do the right thing now by saying to the Lord, “Lord Jesus, I believe you died for my sins and right this moment I receive you as Lord and Saviour of my life. Make me the person that you want me to be.” Remember that the word “Lord” means boss. To make Jesus Lord is to give Him control of your life. After having made this decision you need to make it known by walking down the aisle during the invitation at the close of a worship service. You have the promise of the Lord, “Him that comes unto me I will in no way cast him out, ” (John 6:37). Friend, Jesus will receive you and so will Abilene.

Following this decision, you need to be baptized by immersion, into the full membership of the Abilene family!

Belong To Another Baptist Church?

Every Christian should have his or her church membership in the city where they live and at the church where they worship. Since church membership is essentially fellowship, one can only be in true fellowship where he or she can worship and serve regularly. Thus, we invite you to come and join us by transfer of membership.. We will write to your former church for your church letter. This is called “joining by letter.”

Letter Unavailable?

Often and for various reasons this is the case. Perhaps your former church was destroyed or disbanded, and membership records are not available. You may have brought your letter with you, but you have lost it. Or perhaps you have been away so long that you fear your name has been removed from the membership roll. Or once a Baptist, you joined another denomination, but you wish now to join our church family. Or maybe for any reason which leads you to doubt your ability to secure a church letter… if any of these fit your situation, none should delay your coming into our church. One must simply come forward and say that they wish to join by statement, expressing briefly your particular circumstances. This is called “joining by statement of faith.”

Another Denomination?

For those who believe as we do and who wish to consider coming into our fellowship we share the following information:

We believe that a person is saved by placing his or her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us from our sins (1 Peter 1 : 18 – 19) We further believe that New Testament baptism is by immersion and is to take place after a person is saved. It is not a sacrament, but a picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus (Romans 6 : 4 – 6). It pictures our faith in Him alone for salvation.

We receive those coming to us from other denominations as candidates for baptism upon the basis of their Christian experience. In no sense does this imply that you are not already a Christian. If your belief is the same as ours, we shall welcome you to be baptized and become a member of Abilene. During the public invitation at the close of a worship service, simply come and express your desire to “come by baptism.”

If you are still uncertain – if we have not covered your particular situation and you still have questions, may we suggest that you arrange a conference with the pastor or staff member.

Any one of them would be happy to counsel with you to the end that your spiritual need may be secured, and that you may find your place in our growing family of faith!