2ABC exterior

Abilene Baptist Church is one of Georgia’s most historic churches. It was founded in 1774 by Daniel Marshal making it the second oldest Baptist church in the state. It was originally known as Red’s (pronounced Reed) Creek Baptist Church. The first Pastor was Rev. Loveless Savage and he served the church from its founding in 1774 to 1791. He was also a Chaplain in the Revolutionary Army. The church stayed in its original location off Old Petersburg Road in Martinez, GA. until 1828 when it moved to a new location on Old Evans Road in Martinez. A large cemetery still can be found at the sight of the second location. Many of the people buried at this site were born in the 1700′s and lived through the revolution. Unfortunately, fire destroyed a majority of the old church’s record. However, some still remain and pages can be found on display in the pastor’s study.

Abilene remained at this location until 1952 when it moved again. This time it moved to 3917 Washington Road in Martinez and it now occupies this third location.